How to Tighten a Vagina

Vaginal laxity develops in women once they cross their forties indicating that their vagina is no longer young, constrict and in good form.

In spite of being a condition that is totally safe in general, vaginal laxity makes a woman go through a great deal of distress because of the problems she starts to face in her romantic relation and sexual satisfaction that is largely dependent on the state of vagina walls.

Essentially, when the vagina loosens, the progression in age is not the only factor that is to blame.

In this piece of writing, we will discuss all the common factors that affect the tightness and elasticity of a female vagina.

Not only that, we will also discuss ways to determine if the vaginal walls need rejuvenation along with the best possible solutions that are currently practiced for a problem like this.

So, let’s start:


Some known causes of loose vagina are:

  1. Aging: When you age, you couldn’t help but witness your glory fading at a continuous pace. Now aging impacts everything inside out and vaginal muscles are no exemption that turn weaker like all the bodily muscles. When muscles become weak, their performance becomes poor especially when the vagina also loses its ability to produce healthy lubrication.
  2. Childbirth: The second common reason here is repeated childbirths that cause the genital muscles to widen, become less elastic and lose their shape. While these changes may be temporary, these do take a toll on your sexual satisfaction and orgasmic strength.
  3. Menopause: When you hit a point in life when your menstruation comes to an end, you can no longer produce estrogen with the exact same strength you have in a young age. Poor estrogen affects the suppleness and lubrication of vagina and the tissues encompassing the region turns sensitive and weak. 
  4. Hysterectomy: This is an invasive procedure that involves the removal of uterus, which results in immediate menopause. Once the menopause is triggered, the hormonal levels especially the estrogen levels get disturbed and you come across problems like dryness and thinning of vaginal walls.
  5. Muscular Deconditioning: Sedentary lifestyle often leads to the loss of muscles you have in your entire body including the heart and of course, vaginal walls. When muscles loss, they become thin and you start to suffer in your sexual life.

Now there are some myths and assumptions revolving around the roomy vagina and its causes like:

  1. Frequent Sex: We’ve always heard that excessive sex leads to the loss in vaginal elasticity, which is a complete misinterpretation that has nothing to do with the condition of vagina. Essentially, our vagina is designed for this very purpose and hence, it is naturally blessed with the flexibility needed to restore to its original shape. Thus, regular or irregular sex has nothing to do with the suppleness and firmness you have in your pelvic muscles.
  2. Multiple partners: They say having multiple partners also stretch vagina. Interestingly, the concept roots from the idea that some men have a bigger penis while others may have an average size that is a variation that looses the structure due to the constant adjustments our walls have to make. Just as the former myth, having multiple partners is not related to flappy vagina as our vagina expands and contracts with its natural ability and return to its original state right after. However, having multiple partners at the same time is otherwise discouraged owing to the sexually transmitted infections; an approach like this can lead to.
  3. Surgical abortion: Since surgical abortion involves a minor surgical procedure to terminate the pregnancy, it is often feared to affect the elasticity and form of vagina. However, just as penetrations, vaginal walls restore to their actual position once the procedure is performed. Therefore, surgical abortion poses no risk to the beauty of your vagina.


how to tighten loose vagina

When the vagina begins to slack, there are some clear cut problems you generally face. One is that the Sex does not feel as pleasurable as it was before.

Yes, vaginal walls do affect the degree of pleasure we get from sex- as much as his ‘size’ and ‘erections’.

That’s right.

Basically, pleasure is generated when his phallus is rubbed over your walls for friction.

When the muscles are weak, thin or inflexible, the power of friction is logically reduced that greatly lessens the overall pleasure, satisfaction and ultimately orgasms that is the spirit of sex. In simple words, there remains no quality in sex for you.

The next is his pleasure that is likely to get affected from your poor performance just as his can affect yours.

Now we have discussed the role of friction and how weak vaginal muscles can diminish its power, this is a problem that can equally lead to his dissatisfaction as well.

Chances are that he may also lose his erections during penetrations or will complain his inability to achieve intense orgasms.


The wide arrays of benefits associated with a healthy and supple vagina are:

  1. Quality sex : The quality of your sex life automatically improves when your vagina feels narrower
  2. Improved stimulation: It’s always fun when you can feel things and sex is no exception. With suppleness and firmness, your sexual stimulation is always at the higher end
  3. Increased satisfaction: Pleasure and satisfaction is widely dependent on an elastic vagina, the absence of which can make things less fun for you
  4. Painless sex: A healthy vagina can produce healthy lubrication and that contributes to smooth performance
  5. Better bond:   When sex feels good to him, you two will automatically create a deeper bond
  6. Self- Confidence: When you are certain about your performance and how good you can be in bed for him, you will have that unshakeable sense of confidence and self assurance within you


Now since we have already mentioned the causes that affect the youthfulness of vagina, it will be easier for you to determine if there is a need for you to resort to any solution.

In case you couldn’t resolve your need and is confused about the situation, consider the following signs hinting that your vagina demands some fixing:

  1. You are not enjoying sex as it isn’t really satisfying
  2. His passion for intimacy has reduced and is avoiding sex
  3. He is losing his erections during sex
  4. You feel a major difference in stimulation and orgasmic pleasure
  5. He has mentioned how his climax is delaying or about his low orgasmic power
  6.  You can spot some drops of urine indicating a leakage
  7. You have inserted two fingers and couldn’t feel your muscles around


best vaginal tightening treatments and solutions

Luckily, a loose vagina is reversible to a greater extent. Yes, an old vagina can be reconstructed and reformed through a wide deal of solutions like:

  2. Vaginoplasty

Well, if you have a fortune to spend on yourself, you can simply opt for this method called Vaginoplasty.

Vaginoplasty is an invasive medical procedure that focuses on the rejuvenation of vagina through the reconstruction of the vaginal walls.

In addition to tightening, the method helps with the abnormalities of vaginal canals and addresses many other problems related to the female genitalia.

While Vaginoplasty is one of the most innovative options you have this time, one should keep in mind that the method is equally costly and somewhat painful. 

Non Surgical Vaginal Tightening Procedures

Another medical procedure offering the similar level of value to women with loose vagina is Non surgical vaginal tightening procedure.

The process also helps to firm up vagina however; the mechanism through which the procedure is followed is completely different.

Basically, in place of tools or any equipment used to tighten up the lady parts in the former method, laser technology is used to produce the parallel effects.

No wonder, it is quite heavy on pocket and the fact that it uses laser technology also gives room for side effects.

  2. Vagina Tightening Pills/ Drops

Vagina Tightening Pills/ Drops is generally treated as an over-the-counter method to restore elasticity and suppleness of vagina.

It is a technique that involves some pills or drops you need to take for a suggested period of time.

These pills/ drops supply natural phytoestrogen to the body that can reproduce the qualities associated with the female hormone, estrogen.

Even though, the oral method generally takes time to kick in, however, when you start to notice the effects, these are guaranteed to be satisfactory and lasting. 

Vagina Tightening Cream/ Gel

Now this is another natural course that involves direct application of the solution inside the vagina.

Yes, this is one of the most advanced methods that is not just safer, cheaper and painless but is also fast. Basically, the technique promises the change you want right after 10-15 minutes of application.

However, bear in mind that even when this method is the quickest to deliver tightening results desperately needed ahead of performance, these fade in 4-5 hours and do not last permanent.


Isn’t it confusing what to choose and what not to when you are tossed with so many options offering the change you are up for?

To ease your confusion, we have come up with some important considerations you need check in the method you have decided for yourself.

  1. The course has to be natural and must not root side effects for you
  2. It must be reliable. If it’s a dietary pill or get you are heading to, it must be from a reputed company
  3. You must check for the quality as you can’t settle on an inferior solution for this very sensitive part
  4. Always look for the feedback. Never go on attractive advertisements and claims
  5. In case of a product, give priority to the one with money refund
  6. The procedure is friendly to your pocket


You sure need to work on things that no longer add to your charm and so; you will naturally prefer methods that can help you within your comfort region and without spending a dime.

top vaginal tightening exercises you can try at home

If this sounds true, have a look to some methods that can help you go a long way fixing the damage caused to your lady parts:

1) Kegel Exercises

Personally, we have always encouraged Pelvic floor exercises as it is one of the least demanding and powerful ways to reinstate the lost elasticity, suppleness and form of a fading vagina.

The training that generates parallel effects to vaginoplasty majorly pays a heavy emphasis on the genital region and while it may demand time and regularity, it is great for your reproductive health and functioning. So what does kegel do?

It basically strengthens the pelvic floor and encourages the walls to compress. The best part about Kegel is that you need no gym environment or machine to practice it.

As far as you have resilience, you can easily perform several times a day without inconvenience.  But as we have mentioned, this method takes time and you need to be precise in order to harvest the benefits that largely follow this practice.

2) Squats

The second best advice we can give in this particular regard is practicing squats that is one proven exercise for a slack vagina.

Through squats, you generate the level of pressure needed to tighten and strengthen your vagina as well as your butts.

However, just as kegel, let us repeat that consistency is a must and so is accuracy when squats are concerned.

3) Vaginal Cone

Now this is a one-time expense but a method that can greatly favor you at home.

Vaginal cone appears like a tampon that follows the intravaginal weight technique to compress and strengthen your genitalia.

Little by little, weight is increased that has to be properly gripped by the muscles, multiple times a day.

4) Yoni Eggs

If you are not happy with kegel and the pace at which it is working for you, we suggest you to incorporate Yoni eggs to compress, fortify and tighten up pelvic muscles at a higher degree and rate.

Similar to Vaginal cone, yoni eggs involve weight that is increased little by little with time.

5) Wands

In addition to tools like vaginal cone and yoni eggs, there are specially designed wands that serve the similar purpose just as the former two.

With the help of these wands, you can get a better control on your walls while compress and moisturize your genitalia at the same time.

6) High estrogen foods

What’s better than making the changes in your diet and tossing in things that can equally favor your goals?

Well, ladies- estrogen is the hormone you need for that toning, moisturizing and lubrication that keeps a vagina fresh.

Just as testosterone is for men, you cannot undervalue the importance of estrogen at any point in life. But when estrogen drops problems, especially a problem this problematic starts to erupt.

To ensure your body has the sufficient stock of this sex hormone, make sure you have foods that either deliver healthy levels of estrogen or have agents like isoflavones that supports its production.

7) Natural Herbs

And lastly, we have natural herbs that are no less in power against any of the method listed ahead. No wonder, natural has power and plants and herbs are a mere blessing for mankind.

Especially herbs like Pueraria Mirifica, aloe vera, kacip Fatima, Oak Gall and Manjakani are a true wonder for the female reproductive health and performance.

But just as nature takes time to run its course, these special herbs take months or even years to help you with what you are seeking.

Thereby, its always advised to stay determined, focused and patient if you want results.


Amazon is no less like a marketplace having thousands of products including vaginal tightening gels and creams.

However, based on the demand, there are some vaginal tightening products that are considered and treated as the top vaginal tightening gel and creams on Amazon.

These are:

1) Major Curves Vaginal Tightening Gel

With the qualities of Kacip Fatima, the gel steps forward with a promise that can tone, reshape and strengthen your vagina in less than 15 minutes.

Buy Major Curves Vaginal Tightening Gel at Amazon

Now in spite of offering a quick fix right before your sex is due, Major Curves assure quality through its natural ingredients.

All its ingredients are pure and proven enough to help you with this most troublesome problem along with vaginal dryness and odor that pull him from you.

Kacip Fatima has the strength of astringent which is further enhanced by the powers of Kayu Rapat and Guava leave.

Much to your relief, this natural and quality product has 100% Money Back Return that can be claimed when the product fail to deliver.

2) Isosensuals Tight Gel

Isosensuals Tight Gel is another promising tool in line. It is also based on natural ingredients that ease your problems pertaining to the loosening, elasticity and shape of vagina.

Buy IsoSensuals Tight Vaginal Tightening Gel at Amazon

The product, similar to Major Curves generates instant tightening results.

An application 10-15 minutes before sex can help you bring back the youthfulness of vagina through the astringent abilities of its ingredients.

Besides this, the purchase of Isosensuals is also covered by Money Back Guarantee that can be claimed in case of poor performance.

Isosensuals have no side effects neither there is any case reported about rash, redness or allergy caused by it.

3) V Tight Gel

In the end we have V Tight Gel, another powerful tool that can reshape and tone the loose vaginal walls within 15 minutes of duration.

Buy V tight vaginal Tightening gel at Amazon

V Tight Gel works through the proven vaginal tightening herb Manjakani that tackles the poor health and performance of vagina through the astringent powers.

The gel is also natural and contains nothing synthetic. Thereby, there is no possibility of complication that can be triggered by it.

Furthermore, there is a jaw dropping 90 days money return value making V Tight Gel literally competitive and strong in market.


While we get to see the everyday introduction of more and more advanced solutions, it seems like this world is a perfect place to live.

Methods that would take months and years to lay you the hand you need in the past are replaced with methods that take minutes today.

In spite of that, we cannot underestimate the power of nature that majorly helps us through many of these solutions to land safer with the changes we badly seek here and there.

tight loose vagina naturally at home

With that said, we hope we have helped you deliver as much as knowledge needed to take the right decision in this sensitive matter.

From causes to solutions, we have tried covering every particular subject you may have questions about.

So for now- we wish you the best for your genitalia and for the passion that may have lost between the two of you.

After all- you need to do your part to ensure things run smoothly and are not dull enough to affect that attraction.

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